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  • New Contagious Disease in Rabbits
    NEBRASKA Good Life. Great Roots.  DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE Pete Ricketts, Governor June 30, 2020 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  Contact: Christin Kamm  402-471-6856 Nebraska Department of Agriculture ENCOURAGES RABBIT OWNERS TO WATCH FOR HEMORRHAGIC DISEASE  LINCOLN – The Nebraska Department of Read more
  • Declawing Position statement
    Revised Position Statement on Declawing Cats, by the American Association of Feline Practitioners   In September 2017, the AAFP revised its 2015 position statement on feline declawing. The Veterinary group states that Read more
  • Canine Influenza- What is it?
    What is K9 Influenza and why is it important to learn about this disease now?   Influenza is an infectious respiratory disease affecting dogs. It is very contagious (easily spread from Read more
  • Backyard Chickens
    Backyard Poultry Basics by Dr. Sarah Roelofs   Raising chickens has become more and more popular in recent years. You need to be sure you are familiar with your local city Read more
  • Beyond the Rainbow Bridge
    Beyond the Rainbow Bridge, Memorializing Pet Loss   A pet can be a huge part of your family’s life, regardless of its size-  whether furry, feathered, or scaled. The loss of Read more
  • Pet Microchipping at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic
    Pet Microchipping at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic We offer pet microchipping for dogs and cats at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic. The procedure is completely safe and fast and no more painful Read more
  • Flea and Parasite Prevention From Your Veterinarian in Omaha, NE
    Flea and Parasite Prevention From Your Veterinarian in Omaha, NE At All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, your experienced and dedicated veterinarians in Omaha, NE are here to provide flea and parasite prevention services Read more
  • Sugar Free Chewing Gum (Xylitol) Toxicity in Dogs
    Xylitol is a naturally occurring sugar alcohol. It used to be found only in sugar-free chewing gum and sugarless candy. In recent years, it has become a popular substitute in Read more
  • Fear Free Visit
    Fear Free Visit Have you visited the All Creatures Veterinary Clinic recently with your cat or dog and noticed the bright yellow fleece blankets sprayed with Feliway for the cat patients, Read more
  • Lilies are Toxic to Cats
             Most people including cat lovers don’t realize how poisonous True Lilies (Lilium Species) or Day Lilies (Hemercollis species) can be to cats. Any part of the Lily Read more
  • The Facts about Heartworm Disease
      Heartworm disease (caused by the organism Dirofilaria Immitus) is a serious, parasitic infection that can cause heart and lung damage in dogs, cats, and sometimes ferrets. This tricky disease usually Read more


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  • "Wonderful staff. Very gentle and knowledgeable about the animals. Highly recommend bringing your pets, especially exotics. Thanks for all you do!"
    Christine Baker
  • "I've had guinea pigs in my life for over 25 years and of all the Vets, All Creatures is THE BEST. Hands down, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little critters! Thank you for all you do for my piggy tribe!"
    Katie Danger