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No matter how much you love your family members, it is a reality of life that you can't always be with them and that reality is just as true for the non-human members of your family. Sometimes you have to go into the hospital, on vacation, to a business conference or elsewhere for days or weeks at a time. To make sure your pet stays safe and healthy throughout your absence, turn to All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, your source for veterinary pet boarding in Omaha.

The Advantages of Scheduling Omaha Veterinary Boarding for Your Pet

Scheduling All Creatures Veterinary Clinic boarding for your beloved companion is a smart move for several reasons. Leaving your pet all alone, with only brief visits from a friend or neighbor, is not an ideal way to look after his needs while you are away. Pets can get frustrated, angry, anxious, or depressed if they must spend long periods of time without human companionship. This can lead to destructive or aggressive behavior, including attempts to run away.

But your pet's emotional health is not the only consideration. A pet left alone most of the day may suffer a medical crisis when no one is around to notice and take action and even if your neighbor does notice, he may not know what to do. Senior pets and pets suffering from chronic ailments are particularly at risk, especially animals that rely on regular doses of medication. Veterinary boarding ensures that your pet has ready access to skilled care and medical intervention as needed.

Top-Quality Boarding and Kennel Services from your All Creatures Veterinarian

All Creatures Veterinary Clinic is an ideal boarding and kennel solution, not only for dogs and cats but also for reptiles, small mammals and other exotic pets. (Call us for full details on the animals we can serve.)  Your pet will enjoy a pleasant stay in a comfortable, clean, secure environment suited to his particular needs, from regular activity to any particular diet he may be on. If your pet has a chronic condition that requires special care, your pet's All Creatures Veterinarian can monitor vital signs, administer medication and respond to any acute care needs that might come up. Your best friend could not be in safer hands.

We understand how important it is that owners feel good about their decision when choosing pet boarding in Omaha. Feel free to come tour our facility yourself so we can show you the many features and high standard of care your pet will receive at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic.

If our boarders appear uncomfortable or stressed, we will use a variety of means to ease their anxiety. Adaptil and Feliway are synthetic pheromones that can help relax and ease stress. We welcome discussions about bringing in favorite toys or Kongs to distract and keep them happy. If our veterinarians feel other anti-anxiety medications may be needed, we will discuss this with you. We will keep you, the pet parent, updated on how your furry family member is enjoying his stay, while you are away.

Make the Necessary Preparations with Your Veterinarian in Omaha

If your pet will need boarding at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, we advise you to start making the necessary preparations as far ahead of time as possible, from reserving a spot to administering pre-boarding vaccinations for the safety of all our boarders. For more information, please view our boarding policies info sheet or call (402) 399-8224 to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian in Omaha.


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  • "Wonderful staff. Very gentle and knowledgeable about the animals. Highly recommend bringing your pets, especially exotics. Thanks for all you do!"
    Christine Baker
  • "I've had guinea pigs in my life for over 25 years and of all the Vets, All Creatures is THE BEST. Hands down, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my little critters! Thank you for all you do for my piggy tribe!"
    Katie Danger