Feline Vaccinations

Visiting All Creatures Veterinary Clinic for pet exams may result in a schedule for vaccinations and treatments. Kittens and cats require certain vaccines to stay healthy and to avoid ailments in their life. At All Creatures Veterinary Clinic, we provide pet vaccinations at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic to address the needs of your pets.


Schedules for Cat Vaccination at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic

Cat vaccinations at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic follow a careful schedule. A veterinarian at All Creature Veterinary Clinic will recommend the appropriate scheduling after evaluating the health of your cat or kitten. While specifics may vary based on the cat's current health, vaccines usually start at six to eight weeks after the birth of a kitten. We may recommend waiting if your cat has an ailment, but most kittens start a schedule at a young age.

Required Kitten Vaccines

Kitten vaccines fall into two main categories: core and non-core vaccinations. All Creatures Veterinary Clinic care for kittens and cats requires core vaccines, regardless of your cat's lifestyle and risk factors. The required vaccines include:

  • Rabies
  • Feline distemper
  • Feline calici virus
  • Feline herpies virus type 1

Required vaccines for a kitten focus on common risks and health concerns. We may recommend additional vaccines if your cat has a risk of exposure to certain sicknesses or health problems.

What is a Core Vaccination?

A core vaccination refers to a type of mandatory vaccine for your cat. Generally, it is the common risks to your cat or sicknesses that a cat may pass on to their owners. We give your kitten appropriate core vaccines from a young age and recommend booster shots every one to three years, depending on the vaccine and the health concerns associated with a sickness.

Is it Safe to Vaccinate a Cat at One Time?

Pet vaccinations in Omaha depend on the needs of your cat and their health. In most cases, it is safe to combine certain vaccinations; however, rabies shots aresometimes administered at a different time and we may recommend separate vaccines in certain situations. In most cases, we give a combination vaccine to your kitten and additional vaccines over time.

How Often Should Kittens and Adult Cats Return for Vaccinations?

During pet exams, an All Creatures veterinarian evaluates the health of your kitten or cat. We then develop a vaccination schedule and a treatment plan based on the needs of your pet. In most cases, kittens return for vaccinations every few weeks to one year to keep up with their needs. Older cats may not require the number of vaccines because you focus on booster shots rather than initial vaccinations. Your older cat may only need a booster every three years as long as they remain healthy and do not have a risk of exposure to certain ailments.

Keeping your cat or kitten healthy starts with proper veterinary care and vaccinations. At our clinic, we offer vaccinations after evaluating the needs of your cat. To learn more about keeping your kitten healthy throughout it’s life or for an appointment with an All Creatures veterinarian, here in Omaha, call 402-399-8224.


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